GoIoT has developed a comprehensive platform with both hardware and software to offer you a full scope of solutions in ESG, Waste Management, Energy Reduction, GHG Calculator and Decarbonization.

ESG Suite (Environmental, Social, Governance)

We build the platform for sustainability focus corporation to implement the intergration of resources management in different aspects.

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Waste Management Suite

Waste Management and its corresponding Carbon Emission Reduction become possible with our Waste Management System and Smart Bin Solution.

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Smart Health Care Suite

The medical and healthcare sector required better control and management. Our solution helps linking up millions of devices through cloud-connected network or private-connected network to be a highly efficient means of monitoring high-risk patients or system to ensure the safety of the health and medical issues.

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Energy Reduction Suite

Energy Reduction is always the first step for energy saving, GoIoTify provides the solution for you to manage the A/C, Elect, IAQ online with our secured cloud platform.

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Decarbonization Suite

Real-time data monitoring for the whole plant or building enables our understanding of the carbon emissions. Our carbon emission calculation platform provides the overall view of Life Cylce Assessment (LCA).

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Measurement and Verification Suite (M&V)

Our M&V platform provides a full set of tools to help you monitor the saving after implementing your energy saving projects.

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