Connected IoT Devices with our IoT Solutions

We capitalize on the value of IoT technology to achieve your business outcomes. GoIotify brings IoT solutions into ESG, Decarbonization and Energy Saving in digital transformation.

Smart Alert

Our new IoT AWS architecture will work perfectly with our products and solutions. Smart Alert integrates with 5G, LoRaWAN, Wifi, SMS, BMS Protocols to automatic send alerts and informative reports. SmartAlert service can be implented with customized notifications to be implemented according to specific needs.

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Smart Meter

Our Modbus/5G/wifi based smart meters enables the wireless connectivity to hlep manage energy efficiently. SmartEnergy service with top of the class dashboard to help measure and manage the usage at any building, office for comparison and display.

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Smart Bin /Waste Management

Solid waste is a problem that keeps on increasing as the population of a country grows. We proposed Smart Bin service to handle the Smart Waste Management Solution to enable the CO2 emission calculation

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Smart IAQ / Comfort Management

We propose SmartIAQ service (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10, TVCO, HCHO, CO2, Humidity, Temp) to enable the qualitative air environment for occupants. Our solution can integrate with internal BMS with fresh air control to improve indoor air quality.

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Smart Control /Remote Control

Our SmartControl service can help users to remotely control any E&M equipment securely and reliably. Centralized logic control becomes possible in multiple locations with our SmartControl services.

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